Your living room needs a little something extra to make it pop. A side table is the perfect way to add style and function. It gives you a place to set down drinks, remotes, and decor pieces. But side tables are more than just useful - they can be cool looking too! 

We've got 10 awesome side table ideas that will jazz up your living space. From sleek modern designs to rustic farmhouse vibes, there's something for everyone. Small spaces? No problem - we've got delicate tables that fit anywhere. 

  1. Use cube shelves

Thinking outside the box is always helpful when designing a room. Here, a couple of cube shelves have been stacked to make a side table. The effect is more interesting than a regular table, and it allows you to change things up. If you need another surface, the top cube can be removed and placed elsewhere.

  1. Split up your coffee table  

If you can't find a large coffee table, group some smaller ones together. Two square tables form an attractive shape in the center of this living room. It's a simple idea, but very effective and again, gives the added flexibility of separating them if needed.

  1. Put it on wheels

A bar cart makes an interesting alternative to the standard side table. This one adds a touch of vintage glamor to the space. The wheels are practical too and allow the table to be moved around easily.

  1. Try nested tables again

Nested tables are popular again lately. Here, they've been reinvented in a very modern way. The block design and similar colors look stunning together, and you can't argue with the practicality – three surfaces in one is a win-win.

  1. Use it as a seat too

Create a soft look in your living room by using a padded stool as a table. If you're worried things will fall off, place a tray on top to act as a hard surface. This one complements the colors in the sofa and pillows and can double as a handy footstool or extra seat.

  1. Use clear perspex

Stop your side table from overpowering other items by choosing a clear perspex version. Bright colors and bold patterns take over this space, so the see-through table provides an unobtrusive surface in the background.

  1. Repurpose a dining table

No room for a permanent dining table? Here's a clever idea - a drop-leaf table tucks neatly in the corner and works as a unique side table and drink storage. When guests come for dinner, it can be pulled out and transformed into a dining table.

  1. Go natural 

Bring an earthy feel into your living space by using a tree trunk as a side table. This one has been beautifully restored to form a smooth surface. It warms the gray color scheme and ties in with the exposed beams above.  

  1. Use a table with a removable tray

For a versatile surface, look for a side table with a tray top. This one is perfectly designed to fit over your lap, but the tray can also be removed for full TV-dinner comfort. If you like this idea, hunt around as there are tray tables available to suit all budgets.

  1. Use a radiator cover

In this pretty space, the radiator cover doubles as a handy side table. If you've covered your radiator, think about how you can arrange your seating to make the most of it. Place an armchair beside it and a lamp on top to create a cozy, warm nook.


How To Style a Living Room Side Table?

A side table is a small but mighty piece of furniture. It adds functionality and style to your living room. Follow these tips to style your side table like a pro!

Choose the Right Table

The first step is picking the perfect side table for your space. Consider the size - you want something not too big or too small for the area. Look at the style too. Does a rustic wooden table fit your cozy living room? Or would a sleek, modern table work better? Think about how many levels or shelves you need as well.

Layer It Up 

To style an eye-catching side table, think in layers. Start with a small rug or tray on the tabletop. This anchors your display and adds texture. Then layer on a few decorative objects like a vase, candleholder, or decorative box. Varying the heights makes it look extra stylish.

Use Books

Books are easy to add color, pattern, and height to your side table decor. Stack a couple of coffee table books, then top with something like a small plant or sculptural object. Let the books peek out from underneath decorative boxes or baskets too.

Add Fresh Florals

A vase with fresh flowers or greenery is a must for any styled side table. It brings life and color to the display. Change out the blooms seasonally to refresh the look. Faux florals can work too if you want a permanent arrangement.

Consider Lighting

A lamp is both functional and decorative on a side table. It enhances the cozy ambiance in the room while freeing up floor space. Match the lamp's style to your overall aesthetic - whether modern, rustic, glam or something else.

Incorporate Trays

A decorative tray is a side table-styling workhorse. Use it to corral smaller objects so they look intentional, not cluttered. Trays with raised sides or handles make it easy to move your display as needed too.

side table

Edit & Refresh 

Editing is key to keeping your side table looking stylish rather than messy. Limit your display to just a few special objects. And don't forget to rotate in new pieces periodically for a fresh look!


With a few pretty decor pieces and some intentional layering, your living room side table can become a stylish focal point. Mix heights, textures, and colors to create an eye-catching display that feels cohesive with your space.