Side Tables are very useful and important pieces of furniture. They serve practical purposes like giving us a place to eat meals, work, or set things down. But tables also add style and personality to the different rooms in our homes. 

This guide will explore all the different types of tables available - from fancy dining tables for hosting dinner parties to stylish coffee tables that become the centerpiece of your living room. 

Whether you want something functional, elegant, or a mix of both, this guide will help you find the perfect tables to fit your needs and make your space look great. We'll look at tables for the dining room, living room, and other areas so you can choose the right ones for your lifestyle.

  1. Wooden Side Tables

Wooden tables are a classic choice that never goes out of style. They look warm and welcoming and go with many decor styles, like rustic or modern. A great deal on a wooden table is the Solid Wood Coffee Table from Wooden Street. This handmade table is strong sheesham wood with a simple but nice design for any living room.  

Another good option is the Insta Solid Wood Side Table from Decoworld. This small side table is perfect for smaller living rooms and has a sleek, minimalist style. It's made well so it will last, while the natural wood finish makes your room feel cozy.

  1. Metal Side Tables  

If you like a more modern, industrial look, metal side tables are a great choice. These often have clean lines and a sleek, minimalist design that goes well with new and urban decor styles.

One of the best metal table deals in India is the Toro Metal Side Table. This stylish table is high-quality metal with a unique geometric design that will get people's attention in your living room.

Another good option is the Astra Metal Side Table. This sturdy iron table has a simple but elegant design to match many decor styles.

  1. Glass Side Tables

Glass tables are popular if you want your living room to feel more open and spacious. These have a clear or tinted glass top, which can make a room seem bigger and brighter.  

A great glass table deal is the Scorpio Glass Side Table. This modern table has a tempered glass top and sleek metal frame, so it looks stylish and sturdy.

Another nice option is the Mystique Glass Side Table. It has a unique curved shape and tinted glass top to add a fancy touch to your living room.

  1. Nesting Side Tables

Nesting tables are a smart space-saving choice for smaller living rooms or apartments. The tables can nest or stack inside each other when not in use to save floor space.

One of the best nesting table deals is the Tevi Nesting Tables. These are sustainable mango wood with a beautiful natural finish to match many decor styles.  

The Nest Nesting Tables is another great choice. It comes with three nesting tables in a sleek modern style with metal frames and tempered glass tops.

  1. Multipurpose Side Tables

Besides regular tables, there are also multipurpose tables that can be used for more than one thing in your living room. These often have built-in storage or extra surfaces.

A top multipurpose deal is the Bingley Side Table with Storage. It has a modern design with a built-in drawer to store things neatly.

The Multi-Purpose Side Table is another versatile choice. It has a removable tray top to serve drinks and snacks, plus a lower shelf for storage or displaying items.

How To Arrange Side Tables For The Living Room?

Having a few tables in your living room is super useful. They give you a place to set down drinks, remotes, books, lamps, and other things you want close by. But side tables can also make your living room look really nice if you arrange them well.

The first thing to think about is where to put your side table. A common spot is on either side of a couch or chair. That way, you have a surface right next to your seating for convenience. Another option is to tuck side tables into corners or against walls on the sides of the room.

Once you've picked locations for your side tables, it's time to make them look stylish! A good rule is to match the style of the side tables to the rest of your living room furniture. 

So if your couch and coffee table have a modern, minimalist vibe, look for tables with clean lines and simple shapes. If your living room has a more traditional, vintage feel, pick side tables with ornate details or carved wood.

Varying the heights of your side tables can make your living room look dynamic and visually interesting. For example, you could have a tall, narrow side table next to an armchair and a wider, shorter one by the couch. Just try to keep everything balanced by putting the taller pieces across from each other.

Accessorizing is key for getting your side tables to really shine. Add a decorative box or bowl to hold remotes and clutter. A potted plant or decorative object looks great too. And don't forget good lighting - table lamps on side tables provide nice task lighting and ambiance.

Finally, consider using side tables to introduce pops of color that complement your living room. A bright-colored ceramic side table can look ultra chic against a neutral sofa. Or use books, vases, and other objects on your side tables to bring in accent hues.

With some strategic placement and styling of side tables, you can make your living room way more functional and fashionable at the same time. Have fun mixing it up!

No matter your style or budget, there is a side table deal in India that can upgrade your living room. From classic wood to modern multipurpose designs, these tables don't just have a purpose - they make your space look nicer too. So start looking and find the perfect side table to make your living room great!